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Our Outpatient Mental Health Services are designed to be Preventative as well as Therapeutic.

National Pike Health Center is a manifestation of a vision, which we see unfolding in our clients and families on a daily basis. Johnson Owoyemi has been playing a vital role in the company along with others. His wife Lola Owoyemi has been a tireless partner on the journey. The multidisciplinary team of mental health therapists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation coordinators, and administrative staff designates services based on the initial assessment and the final diagnostic evaluation.

There is ongoing planning and review of each case from inception, through treatment until the client is discharged. Our outpatient mental health services are designed to be preventative as well as therapeutic. Treatment and psychiatric rehabilitation are based on individualized treatment and/or rehabilitation goals set and monitored as the services continue.

If we find that a child or adolescent is no longer responding to this level of care and needs more intensive mental health therapy, we will refer to another facility that can better serve that client.